After I deposited Eli and his belongings at his dorm I went to an alumni function at International House. I was active with the alumni association in New York, but I haven’t done anything in Pittsburgh. This was a kind of pep rally, urging us to become more active. The first session was all about the University of Chicago Magazine and the website, and specifically, how they were going to improve the website. The second session was about extra or co-curricular activities available to new students. The internships and opportunities for community service really sounded terrific. For one of the few times in my life, I wanted to go back in time. I was jealous of all those young people. When I went to the University of Chicago it was a great school. I learned a lot. But I was discouraged from following any real career path. Women were expected to get married, be housekeepers, and/or, maybe teachers, secretaries, nurses, social workers. There were no internships or other opportunities to test your abilities. I am grateful my daughter and my granddaughter do not have such limited choices.

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