When I lived in that large apartment building in Fort Lee I threw my small bags of trash down a chute, put large items and the recycle stuff in the appropriate bins in the service room. Since I got it out of the apartment very quickly I was never really aware of how much of it there was. Now my situation is entirely different. The trash can is in the garage. Trash gets picked up every week, but the recycle stuff only gets picked up every other week. I am aware now that I have very little trash but a lot of recycle material. This has become a management problem. My kitchen is not big enough for those fancy containers which allow you to sort and store. I keep trying to get less recyclable material, but the food industry won’t cooperate with me. Maybe it’s the way I eat but almost everything I buy has both inner and outer packaging. I don’t usually get a newspaper. I get my news from public radio and I read the New York Times and Pittsburgh Post Gazette over at Robin and Steve’s. Then they can recycle it. I try to find someone else who wants to read my New Yorkers. I hate to throw them out. I’ve done my best to minimize the junk mail, but it still keeps coming. At least we can recycle it here.

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