More Japanese Art

I am writing another paper for Japanese Art. This is a big one. It would be worth a lot of points if I was taking the class for credit. I tell myself I am learning more by writing all these papers. But I also agonize over them. This professor has made me feel so much a part of the class I feel like I have to do the work and do a good job. At some point I suppose I’ll find something more engrossing than going to school. Then I’ll be able to let it go. For now, it’s a good thing.

I’m writing about the "way of tea," chanoyu. As with most things Japanese, it’s very complicated. We are supposed to write about building a teahouse and then giving a tea. I’m still stuck on building the teahouse. Back to work.

2 thoughts on “More Japanese Art

  1. I am a fifty-ish blogger living in California…born in Lancaster PA. This is the first time I’ve visited your blog…and I love it! Take a look at mine if you like….

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