Intercultural Communication

Last night we went to the Kuntu Repertory Theater at the University of Pittsburgh. They were doing a play about Mahalia Jackson. It was well done–lots of gospel music, interesting structure to the play. Everything seemed to be rhythmic, even most of the informational bridges between the music. We were in the minority in this largely African-American audience. That was part of the experience also. Not that we aren’t more alike than different. But there were a few things I didn’t understand and would like to know more about. I took a class in Intercultural Communication and I’ve spent  much time traveling, exploring the cultures of Europe, Asia and Israel. It never occurred to me, until last night, that I ought to find out more about my African-American neighbors. After all, they understand how to be white, I should try to understand more of what it means to be black, besides the oppression.

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