More about Renee’s visit

Renee arrived on Wednesday and we’ve had a whirlwind weekend. Wednesday night we went to see Charna dance and sing in "42nd Street." This was a high school production and it was amazing. I know that Charna spent many hours in rehearsal and worked very hard. She also worked very hard on her schoolwork, this all happening at the end of the term. She did very well in school and the show was terrific. I think she had a wonderful time; these experiences create a bond in the kids.

On Saturday Renee and I went to the Carnegie Science Center. We sat through a panel on documentary film with six filmmakers, then saw an interesting exhibit on film making and were fascinated by the coral reef aquariums.

On Sunday we went to the Phipps Conservatory, a great place. This was my first visit to all of the places I took Renee. I will happily return to all of them.

Family Renee and family at the Phipps.

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