Warhol and Company

Last night we went to a special opening at the Warhol Museum. This was our first visit to the museum, which is one of the stars of the Pittsburgh art scene. Two temporary exhibits were featured: Henry Darger and Grayson Perry. I’ve seen a lot of Henry Darger; he’s from Chicago and most of his work is housed at the American Folk Art Museum in New York. Grayson Perry was new to me. His work is funny and serious and carries a strong message. He was at the opening, coming as his alter ego Claire. We missed his lecture, which we heard was very funny, but it was fun to see him/her and hear his conversation with his fans.

We walked through the museum and looked at all of the Warhol stuff. It’s a fun place and you get the feeling Warhol and his friends were having a wonderful time.


This is Robin walking through a room labeled: Point of View, Silver Clouds. The room was filled with silver pillows activated by a wind machine. I wanted to walk through them and make them scatter, but they are so light they move almost before you touch them.

One of the best things about the party was people watching. Unlike everywhere else in Pittsburgh most people dressed in something other than their Steelers costumes, some of them very far out. One of the party activities was making a "Vivian" (as in Darger drawings) cress and many people were walking around with these paper dresses, which attached with tabs like cutout dresses.


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