Large Print Books

Occasionally I find myself reading large print books, usually because that’s the copy that is still on the shelf. Recently I took two of them from the library. I find I can read them much faster than ordinary books because I’m not backtracking to figure out which letters I read wrong. Half the time I feel like I am half reading and half making it up. Today I found another virtue of large print books: I can read them while I exercise, whether I am on the bicycle or the treadmill. And I don’t need reading glasses, although I admit to doing a little "intuiting" without the glasses.

I am committed to exercising three times a week. I don’t love it, just the opposite. I think it’s the one thing I can do to stay healthy. I can’t seem to diet or lose weight, even though I think I am eating less and less all the time. At least with exercise I am in control. But it’s boring. I watch TV and that’s boring. In Jersey I listened to public radio. Here they mostly play jazz, which I like, but it doesn’t keep me absorbed. The books are great. I can keep moving and not think about it. Now if they only had more large print books that I wanted to read.

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