More classes

Trying to enhance my life (meet people and make friends) in Pittsburgh I joined the Osher Lifelong Learning Program at University of Pittsburgh. For $180 a year I can take all the special Osher classes I want and also audit two undergraduate classes. My Japanese Art class is one of the audits and also a class in reading poetry. On Thursday my Osher classes started. I am taking Chinese Art, Fiction Writing and, on Friday, Leonardo da Vinci. It’s a heavy schedule. All the classes seem interesting, but the Japanese Art is still my favorite: good teachers, good approach. At any rate it keeps me very busy and that’s good. I hope it will also result in making new friends. People here are very pleasant and friendly, but I have yet to find someone to go out with to movies, plays, dinners.  I spend  a lot of time with Robin and Steve; they haven’t made any new friends either. I’m not unhappy being by myself, but I like it less than I used to. Also, I learned a lot of lessons watching my parents as they aged. They outlived or alienated almost everyone they knew. It was very unhealthy, and I don’t want to go there.

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