May 14, Alone for 4 days

I got off the train at Nagoya, leaving my family to go on to Tokyo and home, tomorrow. I am on a different train going to Takayama, in the mountains of Gifu. This is the first rainy day of the trip. I’m happy to be on the train and won’t do much sightseeing. This is the day to do laundry.

Lunch, rain and the train.

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More rain pictures. Passing some wonderful scenery but giving up on pictures.

The train got in about an hour late. I didn’t know Japanese trains could ever be late. But something delayed us early in the trip. There was an announcement of which I understood nothing. My hotel is about a half block from the station. I walked to the hotel, did my laundry and listened to last night’s Rachel Maddow, then went out for a walk in the rain.


1 thought on “May 14, Alone for 4 days

  1. I didn’t realize I could reply to your site … duh… love how you documenting your trip…but miss seeing you in person for chat and coffee…not much new here … good PBAC day ..small 6 and Lily did the lead…she is so good at that…organized and came with everything prepared and prizes…LOL…one more thing to catch up on when you get back

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