May 10, Imperial Palace

We are in a Japanese house here in Kyoto. R & S are sleeping on futons on the floor. Charna and I have separate rooms, each with two beds that almost entirely fill the room. It’s not a great setup; the second bed is a nuisance. But my floor is tatami covered and I like that. Next to our house is a pot garden with interesting decorations.

Today, Steve went bicycling all over Kyoto; Charna stayed at our new house, and Robin and I went to the Imperial Palace Garden where Charna met us later. The palace grounds have now been designated a national park and much use is made of them by the public. Many of the buildings were open this week in honor of the accession of the new emperor.

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We met up with Steve and went on to the Nishiki Market filled with food and people. Much of the food was mysterious as is much else here in Japan. Dinner was in an interesting tofu restaurant.

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