April 18: Shopping and Anrakuji

I planned to go to three other gardens, but couldn’t find them. As I walked sort of aimlessly, trying to figure out where to go next, I passed a shop that sold some lovely scarves, aprons, which I don’t normally wear but these looked so nice, and yukatas. I bought  2 scarves, 2 aprons and a yukata for myself. Most of the other stuff will be for presents. At that point I returned to the hotel, not too far away, to get rid of my heavy package.

It was a very warm, sunny day, not the kind of weather I thrive in, so I hung out at the hotel for a couple of hours figuring out where to go next. Finally got back on the bus and went to Anrakuji, one of the few gardens I never visited on the eastern edge of Kyoto.

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This temple is actually at the foot of the mountains, requiring a walk from the bus stop. The temple looked closed and I was disappointed until I saw some other people open a door in the gate and walk in. So, I followed. I don’t know if any of us were supposed to be there, but we weren’t thrown out, and I was able to walk around as long as I wanted.

I am writing this on Friday evening, morning in the US, and just heard, on NPR, there was an earthquake near northern Japan. I never felt anything and don’t expect any consequences in this area, so don’t worry about me.

3 thoughts on “April 18: Shopping and Anrakuji

  1. Retail–the best therapy! I hope you’ll make a slide show of all your goodies. You could call it show and tell. I like aprons although I forget to wear them until AFTER I’ve slopped marinara sauce on my new white blouse!

    • Rocks are traditional, but usually not so many. I don’t understand those sculptures at all. I’m sure there is a story I’ll never know.

      On Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 6:02 AM, Studio Ruthe

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