April 16: Two more gardens and an adventure

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I couldn’t resist: a trip down the Hozu River with, as the brochure says, “raging torrents and breathtaking ravines, at times dousing you with water, at others passing in calmness.” It wasn’t quite like that. There were rapids and we did get splashed occasionally, but the adjectives didn’t quite match the reality. It was fun, squeezed in with 24 Japanese who were out for a good time. I went for the great scenery that was not easy to photograph. Several women next to me spoke English so I got some translations. And they were very nice and helpful. I couldn’t get in or out of that boat without help. The hard part was sitting for two hours.

The boats took us to Arashiyama, an area filled with temples. The first one I passed, Hogonin Temple, had a lovely garden and the stillness to enjoy it, which I did.

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Hogonin is a sub-temple of Tenryuji, designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, with a lovely, unfortunately crowded, garden. Visiting here on a previous trip I walked quickly past the pond and climbed away from the temple where there were fewer people. This time wasn’t as bad. I got to see the pond and was mostly alone when I climbed.

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3 thoughts on “April 16: Two more gardens and an adventure

    • Of course, I took those pictures. I wish they had been better, but the young man sitting in front of me kept getting in my way. I love this kind of stuff. As long as I have some kind of conveyance around me and don’t have to climb or jump I have no fear. Nuts, huh!

      On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 6:09 AM, Studio Ruthe

  1. What a wonderful way to put us all in your back pocket. I’m simply charmed by the images, and amazed by your bravery taking that trip. I’m amazed by the gardens…the way the flowers are shaped by the hills, the bamboo fence, a curve here or bird there. Thank you.

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