April 11: Seeking warmth



I know I should have stayed and taken snow pictures, but the joy of getting older is you no longer have to do these things. Waited about 10 minutes for the bus, which was warm, but then another 25 minutes until the cable car started up and got a little bit warm, The train was warm until the doors opened letting in the freezing air. Even Osaka was cold most of the day. I walked from the train station to the nearby Folk Art Museum. It’s a charming place I visited in 2007 and got a 2008 calendar that is still hanging on my walls. Hoping to update it, I went into the gift shop and found the identical format (long and narrow) for 2013. I asked to buy one; they had quite a few, and the sales clerk took one, rolled it up, wrapped it securely so I could get it home, and gave it to me: a present. It cheered my whole day.

Folk Art Museum

Folk Art Museum

Went back to the train station, this time to the subway, and took it to another part of Osaka, to the Art Museum, where I saw a show of Japanese art from the collections of the Boston Fine Arts Museum. Lovely show and a great day for being out of the weather.

I bought some dinner at a small ‘supermarket’ in the Kyoto train station and got back to the hotel that has now begun to feel like home. Fell asleep instantly before 9 pm and didn’t wake up until 6 am. Tired barely describes it.

2 thoughts on “April 11: Seeking warmth

  1. That snow picture looks amazing, but there’s something about cold and snow this time of year that feels very annoying. We’ve been having cold and snowy (& rainy) weather here as well. Maybe I’m really perturbed because I’m so far behind and trying to get caught up with your adventures in Japan. You sure seem to be doing well; pretty soon you’ll feel like you should travel all the time…go with the flow. Tired that produces good sleep is a blessing indeed!

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