March 28: Kagoshima

Day trip to Kagoshima, the southernmost city in Kyushu. Today is dry and warm, probably warmer than I like. Kagoshima has a  a garden, Sengan en, which they say, uses the bay and volcano for borrowed scenery. This one was easy. Got the train and the bus, going and coming, with no trouble and very little waiting. The garden is on a small mountain, I think 650 meters high. The lowest part is filled with restaurants and shopping. The actual garden is off to one side of the shops and I missed it. I was annoyed with all the commerce and I started instead to climb toward the peak.

As you climb the vegetation becomes more wild. It was lovely, but hardly what I would call a garden. I never got to the top, too much climbing on steep rocky stairs. I went up a short way and had trouble getting back down. I hate stairs, did I tell you that? I saw some photos and the area at the top looks like a manicured lawn, a viewpoint for the bay and the volcano.

I met a man coming down from the top and he advised me not to go. Said the steps were very steep. I was happy to take his advice. I think he is the man of my dreams and he will remain only in my dreams since I don’t even know his name. He is British, a mountain climber, going around the world climbing mountains and looking at volcanoes. He is nice looking, has a lovely voice and a polished accent. I expressed some surprise about the amount of time he was taking for this round the world trip and he told me he was 70, retired with a pension and had rented out his house. I was certain he was more like 60 and was with some kind of video or film crew making travel films. He had the looks and the voice for it. This is clearly the guy I want: great shape, interested in everything. Too bad he climbs mountains. That and parachute jumping are among the few experiences I am not willing to try.

My suitcase, filled with dirty laundry was waiting for me when I returned to the hotel. So, back to the mundane; you know what I did all evening.

3 thoughts on “March 28: Kagoshima

  1. So how do you take care of dirty laundry in Japan? It’s one of things I haven’t figured out how to do very well for myself, especially on an extended tour, if there’s no affordable quick-laundry-service available. I refuse to pay my arm and leg to the hotel for washing my undies!
    Now, as for that man you met on the trail, did you get a name or anything? He’s probably your destiny and you may have just let him get away…! 😆 (He could also be a Ted Bundy type psychopath though 😆 )

    • Alice, The hotels I’ve been staying at have washing machines available. I suspect that fancier places may not have them. They expect you to use their service. I’ve done laundry three times now and I expect to do it again tomorrow or possible the next day. I’ll be out of clean underwear by then. I guess i just let the man of my dreams slip by. Never got a name or anything. I’m not unhappy. I think dreams is where he belongs.

      On Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 12:56 AM, Studio Ruthe

      • Upon consideration, I’ve decided you’re right! The man of our dreams, unlike those in our real lives, will never have BO, will always look fit and handsome, will never make disgusting noises, and you’ll always be perfect together! in your dreams. I’m forever on a mission to gain more wisdom. 😀 I’ll come back to have a closer look at Kagoshima later when I have more time. Several things caught my attention in that beautiful place.

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