On my way; First stop Chicago

I can’t believe the time has finally come. I’ve been planning for months. Now I’m at the airport wondering what I’ve forgotten. This has been a strange week. I feel like time  compressed and stretched as I accomplished each mustdo task. First there was my income tax, which loomed heavily even though I didn’t earn enough money to pay the Feds anything. I use the word earned loosely. It’s my money that’s supposed to do the earning: it’s not doing much. I still owed the state so I have to fill out the returns. Once that was finished I was able to relax a little and the time seemed to stretch. 

I thought I was finished packing yesterday but when I moved the suitcase to the front door I realized I couldn’t handle it. So after a welcome home (to her) and farewell (to me) dinner with a friend I drove out to the shopping mall and bought a smaller case. I was able to get most everything in it and it’s much more manageable. 

This morning I finished cleaning out the frig and took out all the garbage. Now I’m about to board the plane. To be continued…

2 thoughts on “On my way; First stop Chicago

  1. You’re no doubt well on your way now. Hope your flight is comfortable. I’m STILL not quite ready to go anyplace through the skies yet–that trip home being sick all the way from Italy in October is still way too fresh! I s’pose I’ll get there eventually as hubby is always pointing out this and that place we’re going to have to travel to. I’ve told him I’ll have to live to be a hundred and ten or longer to fit all that in. I’m looking forward to visiting Japan in my “easy chair” vicariously through you! I know you’ll hit all the flower gardens for me as you’ve already indicated. Happy trails! 🙂

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