Countdown: 12 days to go

Phipps garden in Pittsburgh

Phipps garden in Pittsburgh

All of my hotel arrangements are made. First I fly to Chicago where I stay overnight, have dinner with a friend, the next morning see my sister-in-law, then get on the plane to Tokyo where I arrive the next day. I made two revisions to my original plans, (there will probably be more). In the middle of my stay in Kyoto I will leave the hotel and stay one night in a monastery on Mt. Koya and my last night in Japan will be in Narita, close to the airport. Otherwise all of my hotel reservations are complete: 3 weeks on the road, or should I say rail with my railpass, and 3 weeks in Kyoto. I worked out rough plans for the gardens I want to visit at each stop in the first three weeks. I still have to work out Kyoto, but that can be dealt with when I get there.

Now I am looking at luggage. When I went before I schlepped a huge 29″ rolling duffel and a small carry-on. No more. This time I want a slightly larger carry-on and a very small overnighter. I can ship my luggage to the hotel (they have such great service) so I plan to carry 2 or 3 days change of underwear in the overnighter and meet my suitcase 2 hotels down. I also plan to do laundry once a week. Most of the hotels seem to have facilities. Earlier this month I spent a weekend in Chicago and the overnighter was adequate for the three nights.

8 thoughts on “Countdown: 12 days to go

  1. Ruthe: Just a note from your Cuz in Gainesville, Florida. I don’t know much about Japan, except what I used to watch on Channel 9 movies growing up in Chicago. So…Watch out for Godzilla ! !
    Love, Linda

  2. Well it’s down to the wire now, isn’t it? You must be very excited indeed. I think it’s wise to have things well arranged but leaving some of the details for when you’re there and be able to time things on how you’re feeling. Yes, do keep us posted as often as service and time are available. I’m so happy things are falling in place for you.

    • I’ll try to post every night, which I certainly have not been doing. I like keeping track of everything I do. There’s not so much to talk about here in the ‘burgh. Ruthe

      On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 1:29 PM, Studio Ruthe

  3. Ruthe, I can only hope that you will keep us posted as you travel, in the same way that you’ve done in the past. I imagine things are different in Japan since the tsunami and its aftermath. Please take it easy as you go and don’t forget to rest along the way. Happy Gardens, Grace

  4. This is wonderful news. You are doing so very well. Yes, Kay and her husband shipped luggage ahead during their last visit. Wish I was comfortable doing that here. Yes, too, I now have a tiny overnighter, and I have tried it out with three days. Very successful. I no longer take the big one with me when I travel. Then again, I’m the old lady who just got rid of her last suit. LOL

    • I still have a couple of suits I’ve never worn. Maybe some day I’ll go back to work. In any case, less is more. Ruthe

      On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 12:17 PM, Studio Ruthe

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