40 Days of Moving: Day 18

Got to the apartment late morning and found lots of work done. BIL, it seems, is a good painter. He’s been doing a great job. Ed and Meg were working in the kitchen and Perry was still refinishing the walls in the bedroom and bathroom. Robin came to see what was happening and approved.

I spent the afternoon shopping. First, a kitchen supply place. I found a lovely synthetic stone that I really liked. But I don’t really want to pay for it. Back to Home Depot for one last check of their countertops. Nothing interesting, but I bought another track light for the kitchen. We’re putting two tracks in there.

Next, to Lowe’s. I was there on Saturday, found some interesting stuff, but no person interested in helping me. Still no person today. Finally found a manager who said they had all gone for training. Made an appointment to return tomorrow. Went back to the apartment and took pictures for Mage.

Here is the living room and the wall that had the green peacock feathers. Almost the entire apartment will be beige color. It’s not very exciting, but after I add my Oriental rugs, colorful furniture and lots of pictures, I think it will be just right.

Perry started painting the green bedroom. He wanted it to be slightly darker than the other rooms to cover the green. Here you can still see some of the green along with the beige wall.

Ed removed the old medicine chest and found this in the bathroom. It looks fluffy, like foam rubber, but it’s very hard and solid, sprayed concrete. No wonder it’s so difficult to add electrical circuits.

The kitchen has that same concrete. Ed said he had a magic wand and cut two holes in the concrete to give me two outlets above the counter where the oven used to be. Those outlets are either side of the 220 line that went to the oven. Another 220 line goes to the range. We moved the cabinet that was under the cooktop and the range will go in there. The cabinet was moved to the other side.

I am thinking about using a synthetic stone counter around the sink, ending at the range. Two other counters would be butcher block. I saw something at Ikea last week that looked really good and not expensive.

Here is the track lighting in the hallway replacing that awful trellis. The single fixture over the closet door is the same as the two that will replace the sconces.  


3 thoughts on “40 Days of Moving: Day 18

  1. Yes, you are going to be able to do so much with those colors. I like the white trim too. I have a synthetic stone look in the kitchen, and it will just do. 🙂 I put my money in the floors. It’s really coming along now.

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