40 Days of Moving: Day 17

Today’s agenda: telephone calls, packing and a brief visit to the apartment. I’ve been changing addresses and trying to figure out what to do about telephone and internet services. Comcast cable, part of the monthly maintenance fee, is not something I particularly care about. Internet is the big thing. For the last two and a half years I’ve had FIOS at my current place and it’s good. No FIOS at the new place, just Verizon high speed internet, whatever that means. Comcast offers a better alternative, but it costs more. I’d like to get rid of my landline but it doesn’t pay with Comcast. The difference is only $1. I can’t figure out what Verizon would really cost. They have a price for the first month, but aren’t readily divulging what happens after that. Pain in the butt.

Ed has moved one cabinet to the other wall of the kitchen and uncovered the electrical service. The walls all seem to be concrete with no studs and very thin plaster covering the concrete, making it very difficult to add outlets. I’m not sure what he’s going to do, but I figure it’s his problem. He has to add an outlet for the new range; the old appliances were just wired in. I’m also hoping for two new outlets on their own circuits so I can use the microwave and the toaster oven at the same time.

Perry is still working on the walls. He brought a brother-in-law to begin painting. When I walked in BIL, who is nameless because no one told me his name, was on the balcony smoking. I told him to make sure he stayed out there with the cigarette. I also think he’s on drugs. I’d love to fire him, but I’m leaving it up to Perry. I realized how lucky I was with Ed and Perry. Neither smokes and both seem very responsible.

It was nice to see the painted wall. The entry hall bothered me terribly; now that it’s been painted a single color it’s much better. I’ll take a picture tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “40 Days of Moving: Day 17

  1. As for Comcast, I like my service as it’s particularly fast with internet, but I hate how they keep increasing the cost little by little and taking away some service or other that you get used to having…Hubby is often on the ‘phone dithering with the billing, and because he’s fast with numbers (in his head) he often winds up with better service than before at the same, or sometimes lower, cost. Weren’t we supposed to monopolies in this country years ago? Yet the cable industry gets away with it all the time.

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