40 Days of Moving: Day 14

Today was a real moving day; spent much of it packing. My upstairs neighbors got married earlier this month and received presents in large boxes. I asked for the boxes and I’m happily using them. Today I emptied two kitchen cabinets with stuff I almost never used and started on the drawers in the kitchen. I have a collection of small specialized cooking tools that I also never used. Some of them are going out, but I can’t seem to part with all of them. I got one very full drawer packed up and started on another. Also packed the humidifiers. I won’t use them again until next winter so that was easy.

One of my neighbors took me out for a lovely luncheon party. She and two other neighbors took me to the Frick Cafe–always a great lunch. Since I’m only moving three miles away I’m sure we didn’t need a going away party, but it was fun. When the weather is nice it’s a great place to eat outside. No traffic adding fumes to the food. Unfortunately, today was beautiful but chilly. No one was outside.

After lunch I went over to the apartment. Each time I go I take at least one item I don’t want to pack. Today it was a plastic garbage bag filled with quilt bats and other kinds of interfacing. Someday I’ll make that quilt. I haven’t insured the apartment yet so I don’t want to bring anything valuable. Next month I’ll have insurance on both places and start to carry my Papua New Guinea sculptures and a few other fragile valuables. I also plan to carry the computer and printers but that will be last.

Perry was still working on the walls when I arrived. All the wallpaper is gone and he was repairing the holes that were hidden by the paper. I think he will start painting, possibly tomorrow. He wasn’t sure if he could come. I’m in no hurry, but I think he is. The bathroom and my workroom will be a warm white. Everything else will be a kind of beige. You’ll have to wait for the pictures.

The new medicine cabinet arrived this afternoon. It’s now waiting to be installed along with the flooring. Ed and Meg have plenty of work to do. Ed began removing the built-in oven and found an electrical box with heavy wiring leading to the oven and the cooktop. Ugly stuff. I would have liked to put the new range where the cooktop is now, but I may have to put it in the corner so it hides the box. I’m waiting for Ed to remove all that stuff and maybe I can think of some other way to hide the box.

I went back to Home Depot. I think I go there after every second time I visit the apartment. There is always something to look for, but I’ve been happier buying online so far.

2 thoughts on “40 Days of Moving: Day 14

  1. Our car goes there, but I take the truck miles out of the way so the unemployed do not see it. Yes, you will have an ugly hole with wiring if you change stoves. It can be done with lots of money tho. 🙂 It does sound as if it is moving right along. 🙂

  2. Don’t feel bad about those frequent trips to Home Depot. Our car seems to know the way to our local HD too. Hubby’s a hardware junkie and I’m a garden junkie. HD has it all! And think of it your part in helping the economy. 😀

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