40 Days of Moving: Day 12, and 13

That’s Tuesday and today, Thursday. Yesterday I got on the Megabus and went to Washington, DC to an art exhibit: Colorful Realm, Japanese Bird-and-Flower Paintings by Itō Jakuchū. The exhibit was wonderful, but much too crowded, really spoiling it for me. I was going to stay overnight, but couldn’t find a reasonably priced hotel room within a reasonable distance of the city. I got back on the bus and came home. So yesterday wasn’t a moving day. I was gone from 6am Wednesday morning to 1:15am Thursday morning. The bus was very late.

Monday afternoon I finally got a price from Bob, the kitchen cabinet spray guy. He caught me as I was getting into the car. I didn’t want to make an instant decision so I told him I’d get back to him. Painting metal is a highly specialized deal. He may be the only one in Pittsburgh who does it. I think the price is OK, but I wanted more info. Tuesday morning I called another woman I know in the building. I got lucky. She has the same cabinets and had them sprayed ten years ago. She invited me down to see them, and they’re very nice, still very nice. I also looked at her bathroom and found a solution for my medicine cabinet problem: a piece of wood covering the hole and then surface mounting the cabinet. Ordered the new cabinet and Ed will take care of it. Bob will come and spray the cabinets on May 14. In the meantime, Ed has to remove the built in oven, one cabinet, and the cooktop, then move the cooktop cabinet to the other side. Bob said we could even install the new countertops if we wanted. I don’t know if we’ll get that far.

Most of the wallpaper is now gone; Perry was finishing up in the hall this afternoon. Here is the wall without the peacock feathers. It will get painted along with all of the other walls.

The flooring I bought over the weekend was delivered this morning. Ed and Meg, his daughter/helper brought it up to the apartment. It’s supposed to acclimate to the apartment temperature for 3-7 days, so they won’t install until next week.

5 thoughts on “40 Days of Moving: Day 12, and 13

  1. It all sounds so functional. Yes too, I am so sorry to suggest that you will feel vastly better if you get regular four or five days a week of exercise.

  2. Hooray! One problem solved at a time–plus you’re already meeting some of your new neighbors. Like Grace, I love this kind of action, and the details make me feel I’m almost there with you. I have a similar problem with the metal painting. A couple of years ago I made the mistake of washing my metal front entry doors with a mix of water and chlorox not realizing it might affect the paint. It’s not too bad, but all the same I’m thinking next year when we paint the rest of the interior the doors should be re-vitalized as well. I even thought of replacement them all with wood, but the metal was there for a reason: the direction the house faces in the summer makes the doors get a heavy dose of direct sunlight that would dry out wood. Plus two entry doors and a French door replaced with wood would be very expensive. I like to do-it-myself often but I’m a little too fussy to attempt this, now doubly so since reading your post today.

    • Painting on metal is tricky. Think of it like you would if you had to have your car repainted. Or, I should say, like we used to have cars repainted before they were plastic. The paint is actually baked on the cars. I don’t think they do that with the cabinets, but they say it’s electrostatic, whatever that means. Anyway, not just ordinary painting.

  3. I wish I were there with you. I love this kind of action: redoing houses. I’m always sorry when it’s over. Please keep the details coming. I want to smell the paint!

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