Forty Days of Moving: Day 6

I thought yesterday would not be a moving day and I’m not counting it, but I can’t get away from the project. After my car inspection I visited a friend out in the South Hills and on my way home I just happened to pass another Home Depot. Walking through the lighting section I was stopped by a young man who was pushing cabinet refacing for kitchens. It was something I never thought about, so I agreed to have a consultant come to see me. That was the third appointment for today.

I began the day with Brian, who came with floor samples from Costco. He measured and wrote endless quotes and was still writing when Bill arrived from the company that spray paints metal. He drew pictures of the kitchen cabinet configurations, didn’t measure, and promised to call with a quote. Brian finally finished writing and we walked over to his truck to look at samples. He also promised to call with quotes. I’ve been asking for a quote for the floors in the  kitchen and small bedroom and a separate quote for the living room, which I am still pondering (doing, that is).

I’ve been told the carpet is new, but there is a strange odor in the room that I never noticed the first three times we were in the apartment. It only appeared after the apartment was emptied. It doesn’t seem to be in any of the other rooms. I opened windows all over trying to air it out.That’s another reason to change the flooring.

Right on schedule at three o’clock Mike from Home Depot Refacing Dept. showed up. He told me all about refacing and then measured all the cabinets and countertops. At the end he gave me a firm quote on the entire kitchen job. There are only two problems: the green color inside the cabinets would still be there, and the cost, while very reasonable, is all the money I want to spend at this time. While I understand the importance of a good kitchen it is not something I really care about at this time. All I really need is a microwave, a toaster oven and a refrigerator. So this remains to be seen.

My new light fixtures for the dining room showed up today. I think I will like them. Ed called and he will come tomorrow and begin work on fixtures and some other things.

3 thoughts on “Forty Days of Moving: Day 6

  1. I thoroughly understand how that green interior would be annoying–even if you don’t use the kitchen all that much. P thinks I’m a little anal sometimes because I let athestically annoying things like that bother me too much. I like the light fixture a lot.

  2. It’s all moving right along rapidly. If you aren’t using the cupboards to display stuff, the green can wait to be painted over. Just a thought.

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