I missed yesterday

I sat in front of the computer at least three times and couldn't think of anything to write. I'm still not doing very well. I went to a jazz concert on Saturday night, but I have nothing to report about it. Today was the fourth Osher history class about Washington, Adams, Jefferson. Today was Jefferson; lots of things I never knew. 

My black eye is almost normal looking, but part of my face is still numb. Very annoying but it seems to be getting better. Maybe tomorrow I'll have something more interesting.

What do you think of this picture?


5 thoughts on “I missed yesterday

  1. When you can’t think of anything to write, just type “I can’t think of a thing to say today.” That’s a post, too, y’know. If you’re like me, then words will begin to flow.

  2. I agree about Andy Rooney and his surgery. Yes, why at 92, was he having minor surgery that the died of. Just the thought frightened me.
    Picture. What of? Sideways. LOL
    And the doctor said what about your face?
    You inspire me.

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