No free lunch

Monday night, after I got in bed but before I turned out the light, I got a text message offering me a free iPad3 for testing. Just call or go to a certain website. I turned off the phone. In the morning I Googled iPad3 and found a lot of sad people who bit on the offer, their contact lists co-opted to send out more spam or worse. There's a scammer born every minute. I just figure if it's too good to be true, it isn't.

This is how much snow we had last weekend.

2 thoughts on “No free lunch

  1. Well! I’m all caught up. This wellness training and Christmas projects Hubby has me working on for the family is taking all the energy I have. I get so behind! It’s always a pleasure to have a few hours to myself to get all caught up. You’re doing great with the post a day thing. I think it’s good for you, but I know I won’t be able to do it for quite awhile! Keep going.

  2. Smart move! I’ve had a few popups offering me similar things to good to be true. I figure if I really really want something like that, I could afford to buy it. Lucky me, I don’t want a lot of gadgets anyhow. I’m happy with what I’ve already got.

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