Me and Claribel and Gertrude and Etta

Yesterday was Jewish Museum day to see a wonderful exhibit about the Cone Sisters of Baltimore and work from their collection of Matisse, Picasso and other modern artists. I was as much impressed with the sisters as I was with the art. Claribel Cone, born in 1864, became a doctor, Etta, her younger sister, was probably a lover of Gertrude Stein, before Alice came on the scene. A timeline about the family is here along with lots of information and photos of the pictures–a treasure on line.

At the invitation of the museum we took pictures of ourselves with Gertrude and the sisters. Mine is above, Renee is below.


2 thoughts on “Me and Claribel and Gertrude and Etta

  1. That’s one of the more attractive photographs I’ve seen of Gertrude. I must admit I just don’t understand her writing, but her life is interesting nonetheless, as was the Cone sisters (whom I’d never head of) as you say.

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