Music and art

Friday morning we went to a rehearsal at Avery Fischer Hall for the Mostly Mozart concert to be held that evening. It was really fun to see everyone dressed casually but playing this very disciplined classical music. When the conductor and the soloist, Joshua Bell, came on the stage they looked like two teenagers about to make some mischief. Of course, everyone under 60 looks like a teenager to me lately.

Being a very visual person I was   enchanted with the look of Avery Fischer Hall, particularly the pattern created by the EXIT signs. Beautiful music and I am obsessing over a black and red sign.

We met a friend for a long lunch then walked down to the Museum of Art and Design where I particularly enjoyed this exhibit. There were a couple of interesting videos and some good dioramas. Almost like dollhouses it's fun to see large things made small, although the subject matter wasn't always charming.

4 thoughts on “Music and art

  1. The red of the exit signs caught my eye, too. The intro to the diorama made me want to see it too. I’ll be in NY for a few days at the end of the month. Hummmmmmm

  2. Rehearsals are great. I’ve seen several CSO rehearsals this year, including nearly the entire “Otello” opera. It’s fun to hear the music in more detail as the musicians work on specific passages, and I love how the conductor can bring out shifts in playing with just a few muttered syllables, or a flick of the wrist.

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