Spring? update

It was 21 degrees when I got up this morning. The sun is shining, which is nice, but it hasn't warmed up very much. The groundhog lied, lied I tell you.

Otherwise things are OK. Robin's lab work was all negative, so we are very relieved. I do not have the BRCA mutation, for whatever that's worth. I still come from a family with lots of cancer. They just haven't found the proper label for us. The mutation is dominant, meaning you just need one copy of it. So it came from Robin's father's side of the family, which had lots of boys, so no one thought about it. Now they have to give it some thought–there are girls in my grandchildren's generation.

On Sunday I walked down to Forbes and Murray and back–almost four miles. Had a terrible night with lots of leg cramps. I want to get more exercise, but I guess I have to take it slower–three miles next time.

I would have been in Kyushu today if I had gone to Japan, far away from the radiation and other devastation. I think about it every day. I'm not sorry I didn't go. They don't need another old woman to evacuate, or to use up food and power. I hope next year will be better. I am so sad for all of those people who were unfailingly wonderful to me.

1 thought on “Spring? update

  1. Yes Ruthe, the groundhog lied here also. I shouldn’t complain, however, as the sun is shining and feels so warm on the back deck that Hubby was inspired to clean the table and put up an umbrella and read out there awhile. Sorry you didn’t go to Japan, but maybe you can work up to–shorter distances may be best as you say so as not to overdo. Maybe you can make up a mental game that forces you to look for things during the walk so that you’re forced to walk a little slower…or something.
    P.S. I heard from Grace today; haven’t yet answered her but was so nice to hear from her even though we’ve never met. I’ll be sure to respond to her tomorrow.

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