More snow

I can't say I'm sorry about the snow this morning. My morning lecture was cancelled giving me the opportunity to stay in bed for another hour. I love eight hours of sleep, but somehow can't get in bed early enough to get it most mornings. I suppose the little nap at 8:30, sitting up, had something to do with it.

The mailman left a package for me this morning. When I stepped out to get it, sans coat, it didn't feel nearly as bad as they make you think. Scare tactics are the way to go, no matter the subject. I want to go out to Club One to exercise. Hope I can get out of the driveway. The snow shoveler hasn't arrived yet.

I got the paper back from my professor with lots of suggestions for improvements. I asked and was very pleased to get them. So, I guess I'll spend another large block of time rewriting the paper. I've also been spending time planning my trip. I think I will go directly down to Kagoshima, in Kyushu, where it is supposed to be warm, then work my way back north and east. Or, perhaps, I will go to Mito first, to see the plum blossoms in the number three famous garden. Right now, I'm going to work out.

1 thought on “More snow

  1. Working out is best of all. How do you do that while traveling. I’m still coughing badly so not back in the pool yet….darn it.

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