One less tooth

This is the first tooth I've lost since I had to have four pulled for braces when I was a kid. The thought of losing it bothers me much more than the reality, although I'm still numb. I'm writing this in the twenty minutes off of the icepack (a bag of frozen peas). I haven't been bleeding very much yet, but I'll have to see what happens when the numbness wears off and I can try to eat. Didn't eat much breakfast this morning. I'm getting hungry but I can't figure out how to eat. I could probably go for days without eating and it wouldn't do any harm.

I'm still struggling with the paper, but I've made great strides. I kept writing around the point of it, because I wasn't sure what the point was. I think I finally got it. I hope to have it done by Thursday, but the icepack doesn't help.

I am taking time this morning to catch up with everyone else's blog. In my next twenty minutes off the icepack I'll write some comments.

5 thoughts on “One less tooth

  1. Don’t worry about it so much. Worry often runs rampant in one’s imagination, making the dental procedure much worse. Recovery can be uncomfortable, but stuff like that ends after a while.
    I hope that implant works well for you!

  2. I understand. The new bridge is really painful here. Thank you for taking the time to leave a note in the middle of your painful experience.
    Yes, please tell us the thesis statement of your paper. I would wonder why it was so hard to find. Classes…..I just didn’t go back this year. My friend and mentor died, and I’ve just retreated a bit.

  3. I wish the tooth was off the list. I still have an implant coming. That could be at least as unpleasant, but Ill try not to anticipate it.
    I am writing the paper for a graduate level seminar, not an Osher class. Im doing it because I am also working on another book about the gardens I visited. (working on that for at least a year.) I want the paper to go in the book. Im probably the same kind of Osher student you are. I dropped two classes this term and two last term. Ill try to write about more interesting things in the future.

  4. Well the tooth is off the list at least. (I have an appointment tomorrow–my crown needs replacing and who knows what else he’ll find after the chemo during which I wasn’t allowed to go to a dentist; after it was done I didn’t want to go to any kind of health facility at all for as long as I could get away with it.) Since this post was written yesterday, you’re surely well fed by now so I won’t worry about you anymore. Sounds like you’re working awfully hard on that paper–I’m assuming that was an Osher class? You’re a far better Osher student than I. I’ve gotten so I skip out on even filling out an course/teacher evaluation form.

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