Dear Alice and Mage

I'm OK. I've been working on the paper, and of course, this is the time life catches up with you. Nothing terrible–Just my first tooth extraction since I was a kid. It will happen next week. In the meantime, I'm on antibiotics and they're not kind to me. Don't ask what happens.

We had Thanksgiving at Robin and Steve's. Charna, Eli and Eli's friend Adele, came from Chicago, Steve's mother, Renee, came from New York, and my two Chinese students (and one's wife) joined us. I have pictures and stories but that will wait until after the paper is finished, I hope before the tooth goes. Thanks for your concern and hugs to you both.

4 thoughts on “Dear Alice and Mage

  1. Don’t have to ask, Ruthe! Been there, done that. Glad everything’s okay. Will wait to hear the stories and meet the people when things settle down for you.

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