Sunday morning

After two gray, rainy days the sun shining today lured me out of the house even though it was quite cold. I walked to the health club, did my usual workout, then walked home. I usually carry a camera with me wherever I go, but, this morning, decided to travel light. Within the first block I was sorry. There were interesting leaves on the ground and when I got to Penn Ave. there was this signpost with the crocheted coat (photo taken weeks ago).

It's been changing a little over time. I meant to document it, but haven't. Today would have been a good day. Those pieces of tape are from a poster someone put up about a lost dog.The piece of white paper at the top is a bus schedule. The bus company never puts those where they might be useful, so this is real community service.

I've been told by a neighbor who is an art professor at CMU that this is the rage among artists (or students). Here is a similar installation I found in Kentucky.

I wish I had been present when they measured the post and then sewed it on.

One more picture to remind me of warmer days.


3 thoughts on “Sunday morning

  1. Haven’t seen anything of that sort here yet. If I had the patience to knit or crochet maybe I could start something. I did see a pair of knitted stockings with felt shoes at the ends hanging from a rear trunk. Do trends begin in the east and work westward or vice verso?
    You captured the light beautifully through the leaves of the tree. I like it.

  2. Wasn’t there another entry in there….?
    I find those knitted wrap things most amusing. I too meant to take my camera with me to the dentist, and I had needed to go by the bay to get photos of the water. Instead, here I am in the comfort of home perfectly happily smiling at your photos. Thank you.

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