Back to school

My new semester started this morning with another cooking class: Food from Africa. We got some information about vegetables grown in Nigeria, then a demonstration of how to prepare and fry plaintains, and finally, a chance to taste the results. I love these classes even though I seldom cook–just enjoy watching someone else do it. And eating the results, of course.

I'm taking another Japanese Art History class that met for the first time this afternoon. This one is called Space and Place in Asian Art. Sitting there, thinking about the use of space in Japanese art, I realized my likes and dislikes of Japanese gardens had to do with the use of space. The gardens I didn't particularly like had huge, broad lawns. The ones I loved made use of densely designed space. I am anxious to see whether I can refine my ideas as the class progresses.

Speaking of cooking, you who know me will be amazed to hear I cooked something tonight. In a weak moment, probably five months ago, I bought a package of frozen swordfish steaks from Trader Joes. You can tell how anxious I was to cook it. Finally, I knew I had to do it, or else throw it out. I browned the fish on both sides on top of the stove (an old electric with burners that slope at various angles). Then five minutes in a 450 oven to finish it. Doused with lots of lemon juice, it was good. Because of the way they were packaged all three pieces had to be cooked at the same time. Now I have one very large piece and one small piece left over. You know some of this will be thrown out. This is why I don't usually cook.

8 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. My rule for leftovers–if I can’t think of a creative way to use them otherwise–is eat warmed up ONE time. Anything left after that might just as well be tossed.

  2. Morning Ruthe…..Blogging. I cheat every day. I make a template in word and label it, 1August Template, 1 September Template, and I use that every morning. Because I lost so many years of my life to drugs and drinking, I want to remember the years I have left. Perhaps I am obsessed with keeping a day to day record, but I am truly lazy. This holiday, I am just noting the day to day trivia all on one page. Keeping it simple yet remembered.
    Thanks for the notes and the caring. I should have some wonderful new photographs next week.

  3. Mage, your recipe sounds great, but I dont have any of that stuff in the house. So I flaked the fish and tossed it with diced Kirbys (those small cukes you usually pickle), diced tomatillos, lemon juice and yogurt. It was OK. Ill eat the other half for lunch. The Kirbys and tomatillos were left over from the gazpacho I made. I have to stop doing this.

  4. You have made a huge leap from “cooking” tea to swordfish! You now need to make another leap to use leftovers “whatever they are” in a unique way. You can do it Ruthe- I have confidence in your creativity.
    You’ll find there aren’t enuf meals in the day for all the good food you’ll be preparing. And so healthy!

  5. Where are you taking the Japanese Art History class? I have started to become interested in Asian art after taking an Oriental Painting class in Osher Pitt. I will be taking it again coming up. I have become friends with the teacher. She was at my birthday party, but may have left before you got there.

  6. Send it here? I love that fish. 🙂
    Seriously, flake it and toss with shredded cabbage, celery seed, and minced dill pickle. Bind it together with a little mayo, and you will have a turn of the last century salad fit for a queen.
    How interesting you like the crowded look, and I like space between the crowds….not just lawns, a balance of breathing space in the composition.

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