Cardio update

Wearing the monitor, last Thursday, nothing happened until early Friday morning. Then I was back in afib for the day, but it was never as bad as Wednesday had been. I went back to rehab and exercised in spite of the flutter. When I woke up Saturday morning, still fluttering, or fibbing as they call it, I took the old dose of my meds. By noon I was feeling good and have been fine ever since, even though I immediately went back to the reduced dose. I tried to ask the doctor about it, but his staff just told me to do what he had said and wait to hear from them. (Remember, he has the personality of a drill sergeant.)

I've been waiting all week; in fact, I'd pretty much given up. Since I was feeling good, I didn't care. Today was the big day–they finally called, not with an answer, but an order to come in again, possibly on June 29. Obviously, this is not an emergency. I made the appointment for July 6. I have a busy three weeks coming up and I won't let them spoil it.

Next week I'm taking that book making workshop at the Society for Contemporary Craft. Then the next day, Saturday, I'm driving to Chicago then on to Door County for another art camp. Back to Chicago the next week to visit with friends and relatives and attend a nephew's wedding. I'll get back here July 5. But I promise I'll post again before that.

4 thoughts on “Cardio update

  1. Sometimes you just don’t know what to do in these situations. Lately I’ve started to listen to my own intuition about things and not assuming everyone else knew better. It’s worked pretty well, but if the doctor doesn’t get the doses accurate, who will? I don’t like drill sergeant docs.

  2. Simply lovely to read you this morning. When you stayed vanished, I began to worry. Obviously not a panicked response from the doctor’s office, so yes, go to those magic workshops and camps. You might chew them out for their lack of communication. I would.

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