Cardio rehab

My second session of cardio rehab ended abruptly when the monitor showed I was in afib. This is a nasty problem I've been trying to ignore; yesterday's event made that impossible; also impossible for me to do anything useful all day.

I've been taking a beta blocker to control the afib, but beta blockers are also used for high blood pressure, not one of my problems. My pressure got too low and last week the Dr. told me to cut the dose in half. That may have been what caused my bad day. I'm going back to the doc this morning to get a Holter monitor. The rehab center sent him a printout, but he likes his own tests. I'll talk to him about the meds.

I'm much better today, although not entirely symptom free. I wear the monitor until tomorrow morning, return it and try cardio rehab again.

3 thoughts on “Cardio rehab

  1. I too have one of those problems I am trying to ignore. Sometimes we get the best of all wakeup calls….right there in rehab. I hope they solve this problem with some degree of simplicity. Consider us stuck in your pocket as support. Hugs too.

  2. This sounds frightening to me. I have problems just trying to breathe normally when I have those sensors stuck on me in a heart monitoring situation. I keep thinking they’ll tell me I don’t breathe deeply enough. I hope they find the solution soon.

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