New York, New York

Rainy Monday in New York City. I can't decide where to go that would make it worth a possible drenching, having at times been very wet in New York rains. I wanted to go down to Chinatown and buy some probably arcane Chinese spices. When I was in Shanghai at that tea tasting ceremony I bought a wonderful, herbal concoction. I saved a little bit in hopes of finding someone who could tell me what was in it. Of course, I forgot to bring it with me. Maybe I'll just go down and buy a selection of sticks and bark. I know there are also tiny rose buds and jujubes.

Today and tomorrow are my last days here. Wednesday morning I drive back with Robin and Steve. Rain is in the forecast all three days.

Besides camera shopping, I've been to Kalustyan, a wonderful place for exotic, imported foods, spices, candies, etc. I could have spent hours there, but I had one more stop on Friday: Japan Society to see a beautiful show of Kuniyoshi woodblock prints. Very satisfying. On Saturday, Renee and I went to the Asia Society and then a movie. Yesterday I went to the Rubin Museum with Phyllis. Two featured exhibits were about death: Remember That You Will Die, and Bardo: The Tibetan Art of the Afterlife. The idea of Remember That You Will Die rather bothers me in the abstract, but the exhibit itself was not troubling; I could only distantly relate to it.

5 thoughts on “New York, New York

  1. Thank  you, Mage. I have no good excuse; its been mostly sheer laziness and very slightly the pressure of having to do my income tax. Now that Ive finished it, Ill come back and post.

  2. Still raining in NY? My daughter was lamenting the copious rain when I talked with her last week (I think). She was looking forward to a conference in Chicago just to get away. Since I haven’t been following the weather I have no idea if she fared better there or not, just that she’ll hate being back in the rain. But after the rain comes spring flowers and the park should be wonderful.

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