Talking about cameras

Finally decided on my next camera. I love the convenience of my old Sony, but I've never been pleased with the pictures–not enough tonal range. I've been doing research and decided that what I needed was a camera that would give me raw files. I know the real answer is to get a DSLR, but I also know I don't want to carry several pounds of camera with me all the time. There are only a few point and shoot models that meet my requirements and some of them are heavier than I want. Yesterday I went to B & H Photo and held three of them in my hands. Reading the specs didn't do it for me.

B & H is on Ninth Avenue and 34th Street. I think it covers a full New York block on two floors. It is owned and run by Orthodox Jews and mostly has Orthodox Jews working there; lots of them. The place is well organized, but tends to be kind of a zoo; crowds of people. Yesterday morning wasn't too bad. I was able to speak to two different sales people without any waiting. The first young man immediately told me he didn't know anything about point and shoot cameras; I was in the wrong place. That was very nice. Too often I've had sales people give me a totally made up line figuring I wouldn't know better.

The second man showed me four cameras that would meet my needs. I promptly rejected one–too big–and spent time looking at the other three. I liked the smallest one best. Haven't bought anything yet. I'm still in research mode, but I'll probably get the Canon S90. Anyone know anything about it?

2 thoughts on “Talking about cameras

  1. Well I don’t know anything much either. My Canon S30 is so old but works well as a point and shoot, but I’d like being able to get more and sharper detail in photographing tiny things–like flower blossoms and tiny frogs–all things my present camera isn’t very good at. So I’ll be checking back to see what you decide on, and how you like it. I like Mage’s remark on image stablization too, as my hands are a bit shakier now, too, especially after all the stuff I’m going through. Nice to imagine you in NYC and in Chinatown, such a colorful place isn’t it??

  2. I’ll be no help at all. G has a Canon A590 IS and I have A650 IS that they don’t make any more. G loves his A590 which does everything he needs and is light and will fit in a pocket. The “IS” is very important for both of us as we are both shakey. Image stabilization is the be all and end all for these digital camera’s as far as I can see.

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