Three days without snow

and even a little sunshine. Ice has been falling off our roof. Some wires have been knocked down, but everyone seems to have phone, internet and TV, so we don't know what the wires were about.

I really felt the need for exercise today. That strikes me as so funny. Only since reaching old ladyhood have I felt the need to exercise. Never in my entire younger life did I care. I drove over to the university area, parked the car and walked about two miles. Mostly the pavement was clean and dry so walking was very comfortable. The 40 degree air felt warm. A good day. Sidewalks near my apartment are still bad and the bus stop is impossible. I think is won't thaw until April. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain, or snow, or something. Next time I'll tell you about the other things I've been doing.

1 thought on “Three days without snow

  1. You can keep giving us the weather too. I like knowing what’s happening in your world. Here, rain is on the way, and I too have this unaccustomed urge to exercise. And hour in the water isn’t quite enough, so I long to walk. The other day I got out and shuffled about a quarter mile when the skies opened up and buckets fell on my head. There was no shelter, and all I could do was laugh at myself.

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