Conversation with NPR

I got really irritated yesterday afternoon listening to NPR talking about Pat Robertson's diatribe about the people of Haiti being afflicted because they made a pact with the devil in order to win their independence from France. I don't usually comment on these things, but this prompted me to send the following:

do you repeat the nasty words of an obviously demented man. I'm sure
there is more important news than giving a platform to this religious

I don't know what response I expected but I got this marvelously non-committal reply:

Dear Ruthe,

We appreciate your sharing your concerns with us.

We regret if you were offended by what you heard while listening to
NPR programming. Your thoughts will be taken into consideration. 

Additionally, NPR has an Office of the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman is
the public's representative to NPR, serving as an independent source of
information, explanation, amplification and analysis for the public
regarding NPR's programming.   For more information about the role of
the NPR Ombudsman, please visit

There was also something about all of this on MSNBC–Rachel Maddow's show. It seems to me he should be ignored instead of being given wider publicity, which I realize I am also doing. I guess this is one of those no win situations.

2 thoughts on “Conversation with NPR

  1. Oh, yes, I do so agree with you. He’s nothing but air anyway, but I wouldn’t give him time to be believable.
    Are you staying warm. I’m still picturing.

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