New project

The next book I make will be about Japanese Gardens, at least the ones I've visited. I'm still enchanted with the gardens. I would like to return to Japan and remain from October through April or May so I could see the gardens at the most interesting times. It probably won't happen, but working on another book lets me enjoy the photos and memories all over again. Here are three collages using some of the photos from Rikugien, the Tokyo garden where I met the origami lady. Most of these photos were not posted before.




I never took multiple Gigapan-like photos as I did in my backyard, so I can't make that kind of collage. Only the one immediately above comes anywhere close to it. I want to immerse you in my view of the garden. I don't think any of these are really successful; I'll keep trying.

3 thoughts on “New project

  1. Often G and I will take panoramic pictures of where ever we are. Sometimes G will put the camera on a post or shelf to get the images. I have an antique Photoshop Elements that lets me turn the shots into panorama’s. Most of the time now, it works.
    I love these gardens too. I have visited the one in San Diego several times, but it is so young that it hasn’t reached any depth yet.

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