Big booboo

I screwed up big time today. My calendar said I had a 9:45 appointment for a pacemaker clinic. I went to the cardiologist's office only to find I was supposed to show up last week. The nurses were very kind, didn't scold me and got the Medtronics technician to come in just for me. Everything's fine, but I'm not happy. As I have aged I have tried extra hard to be organized and keep track of things. I don't know how I made this mistake. I vaguely recall getting a letter telling me about the appointment, which I probably discarded after I made the note in the calendar. I always feel like I'm drowning in paper so I try not to hang on to everything. But I'd love to see that paper. Also, they always call me if I'm not on time for my pacemaker phone check, but they never called about the clinic. I guess I just have to forget about it, but it really bothers me.

4 thoughts on “Big booboo

  1. I forget lots of stuff. Important stuff. I’ve found that if I start thinking of myself as incompetent, I become even more incompetent. Of course, I will take it to the extreme — “Oh, I forgot my aunt’s birthday. Must be Alzheimer’s.” So I try to write stuff down and just accept my absentminded-professor tendencies.

  2. I don’t think you do this very often, do you? I forget the most mundane of things, but if you are like me you double checked as you wrote it in the book. Perhaps they erred?
    Other than that, are you still able to get out and walk or is the weather worsening there?

  3. I understand why you could be worried, but I think everyone does this once in awhile. I know I did at least once. And get this: hubby and i went to a movie screened by the Middle Eastern Association at the U, and no one was there. We were upset because this really did happen once before and it was their fault. This time it was ours. The movie had been screened the previous night. We’re so annoyed at ourselves. It happens.

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