Medicare advantage

TV just broadcast a commercial about Medicare Advantage, which reminded me that is what I originally wanted to post about. I have a Medicare Advantage policy. If I keep it next year, I will be paying double what it cost when I first bought it 3 years ago. This, by the way, is with a government subsidy. The commercial wants me to tell my Congressman not to cut the subsidy. It seems to me they have already raised the rates in anticipation of a government cut. It was a nice deal, but I'm not going to pay them and I don't want the government to pay them for me. There are other policies out there.

3 thoughts on “Medicare advantage

  1. Ruthe, If you are looking for a new Medicare plan, I recommend the search tool at You enter your zip code and all the Medicare options in your area are displayed. And if there isn’t anything that meets your needs or budget, you can talk to a representative and they will find one for you outside their network of providers. I have used them for six years now and they have been wonderful.

  2. Yes, Plan B, A for Hospitalization, and a cheapie advantage plan to get the drug Plan D. I called the ARP Medicare advantage folks, and it will be 25 bucks a month. No glasses, teeth, or hearing tho. My friend, Marion B,
    has this plan also. She is more than impressed by it as they approved Cyber Knife surgery out at Scripps for her lung cancer after a host of other recent serious diseases… diabetes, colon cancer, and a heart attack, after which they did not cancel her. She’s a special voice.
    I feel, by the way, rather heroic for getting medicare started and the drug plan approved yesterday. All but one prescription will be twelve dollars for three months except one…..that’s $47.00.

  3. Ruthe, our independent insurance saved us from Med Advantage. You get locked in to this plan and if down the line you need more treatment for a chronic disease, say diabetes or RA, then you’re hit with a huge copay, all for initially not having to pay monthly premiums, but in the end you get soaked. I don’t think it would have taken us long to have hit bottom with our copayments still like they were the first year of my Med Advantage which they want you to fall for. As I understand it though, you have only the first year to change your mind, unless it’s different in different states. We’re doing way better with original medicare and the plan B (or whatever the letter is).

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