Continuing New York

Monday I went shopping. When Renee was in Pittsburgh she kept telling me my clothes were too big for me. I decided I'd get something new before she came back next week. It's not easy for me to get anything. I've lost weight everywhere but my waistline, making pants very difficult to find. I took a long walk and managed to get a new smaller pair of pants (elastic waist), 2 shirts and a jacket. Jackets are my favorite thing. I have a closetful, mostly too big at this point that I'll try to alter. Still tired from Sunday, I spent the rest of the day at the apartment.

Tuesday I met my friend Phyllis at the Metropolitan Museum. We spent most of our time at a great show of treasures from Afghanistan, had lunch and looked at another couple of exhibits. I especially liked this one on the roof of the museum, a gigantic tree root by Roxy Paine.


In the evening I met Julia and we went to an off-Broadway play about addiction, Dance of the Seven-headed Monkey. It was interesting, but, as with many off-Broadway efforts, needed work. Here are some photos from Times Square.


The indoor ferris wheel at Toys R Us.


Wednesday, after I finished that last post, I met Sybille in Central Park for a walking tour of part of the park neither of us had ever seen. The tour was called Central Park Adirondack. It began near the Harlem Meer and went to 100th St. and Central Park West. Then Sybille and I spent the rest of the afternoon talking, something we do best.


3 thoughts on “Continuing New York

  1. That water fall is BEAUTIFUL!! And Times Square, WOW! Wish I were there seeing all that you see. Luckily, I have your photos to experience NY.

  2. Those pictures look so exciting. About the clothes fitting, I have the exact same problem. My waist stays about the same, but I’ve lost about 10 pounds over the past few months. Luckily my clothes still fit me, and now I have a few things that are too large for me so I pull on a belt and tighten it and wear those around the house. Maybe you could find a good and not too expensive seamstress who does altering?

  3. What a lovely adventure….beauty all around you too. I too find my figure widths have changed, and clothes are hard to find now. My wardrobe has grown very bland as a result.

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