Wednesday, and I’m still in NYC

So many things to write and I'm soooo lazy. Going back to Saturday afternoon, Eli had to get to a travel agent and the bank before 3 pm. Nothing like leaving everything to the last minute, but we made it. After the business was finished we met one of his friends from childhood and taxied to the apartment where we finally left the luggage. We both needed some exercise so we walked down to 75th Street looking for an early dinner, and where I've been to two good Turkish restaurants. Friend of Eli is a vegetarian; the Turkish restaurants didn't do it for him. In between those two was a Persian restaurant, Persepolis. It turned out to be a great find–I'm hoping to get back there once more before I leave. Needless to say, having dinner with two good looking young men was very special.

Sunday was busy. Eli went back to JFK for another plane trip. We got on the subway together until we got to the E train. Then he went east and I went south. It's hard saying goodbye. He's been all over the world alone, but I can't help but worry about him.

I went to Brooklyn to look for Julia at a flea market in Dumbo. It's an interesting neighborhood to walk in–mostly old warehouses, some with extensive renovations, many interesting shops, even for me, the non-shopper. The flea market was in a huge, empty lot under the Brooklyn Bridge, next to the Fulton Ferry Park and the river. Here is Julia and customers under Brooklyn Bridge.


Most of the vendors were selling vintage clothing, stuff I gave away long ago. The only thing I found of interest was a sewing chatelaine for $170. Too much money, not enough interest.


More flea market.


Empire State Building from under Manhattan Bridge


Decorated fence in Dumbo


Brooklyn Bridge I never walked across last year, from Fulton Ferry Park. When I couldn't walk across the bridge last year I knew I was really sick and got the pacemaker.

Having had enough of the flea market I walked back toward the subway and had another one of those amazing New York experiences. Housed within a small storefront area was Jane's Carousel, a restored 1922 carousel that will be placed in a pavillion in the park. Read about it and see pictures here.

Next to the carousel was Jacques Torres ice cream, obviously perfectly placed for me.

After a short rest back at the apartment I went to Chelsea to meet up with my photographer friend, Jacqueline Hassink and another of her friends. She had been in Japan again and had new photos to show me. She told me she will return to Japan in April to photograph cherry blossoms. She is trying to tempt me to join her. It is very tempting. I am not finished with Japan.

To complete this busy day I went to Teaneck, New Jersey, to meet with my stitch and bitch group I haven't seen for two years. That was a great delight. Much has happened in the two years and it was fun catching up.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, and I’m still in NYC

  1. Three years is a long time to go without stitching and bitching with a bunch of other women. Sounds like a good group to play with. Love the name.

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