Walking around

I saw the last two
runners in the Pittsburgh Marathon at 11:30 this morning. They were
walking separately, each with an ambulance, a police vehicle and a
truck or two achingly, slowly, riding behind. I intended to get out
early to see the front runners, running just a block away.
But I forgot all about it until I heard the winners announced on the
news. I can't imagine walking a marathon, let alone running, so I
really admired those last two women. I was walking one mile to meet
Robin over at the Center for the Arts. I almost never walk on Penn
Avenue near my apartment—too much traffic. The street was
blocked off this morning; I took the opportunity to walk the two
blocks I never see.


There always seems to
be something strange or interesting or wonderful as I walk in
different areas. This was just inside a gate in a high fence. Since I never walk on that block I don't know whether the gate is always open or this was special for the marathon.


When I walk to class
this tree appears just as I round a corner. It's a flowering crab
with wonderful pruning. I've been looking at it for weeks now
thinking I ought to take its picture when it was full of blossoms.
Somehow I actually like this better.


This is one of those awful public housing projects that were built in the early days of urban renewal. They are getting ready to implode it; you can see where some of the facade has been removed. I wish I knew when they were going to do it. I'd like to be there to watch. This is on my way to Whole Foods and other good places and will be replaced by a Target.

UPMC, my medigap insurer, sponsors zoo walks twice a month during spring and summer. You can get in at 8:00, well before the crowds come. I love walking in these kinds of public spaces when they are empty.


The queen of beasts, lounging around while the king loudly announces his presence. Another male, housed separately, answers him, like an echo.


Mama is getting a shower while baby tries to steal the treats given to Mama as a reward. Baby did not want to participate in the shower.


The guy with the burlap bag was carrying it around just like Linus with his blanket.


Wild turkey in the children's zoo. There are lots of wild turkeys around Pittsburgh but I've never seen one strutting quite like this.

1 thought on “Walking around

  1. What neat photographs. Loved the elephants, in particular the little one with the blanket, but couldn’t say now which is my favorite. It does occur to me as I note the pot-people on the lawn chairs that my pots would probably serve me better as art pieces than they do with the pitiful show of some of the flowers I’ve planted in them. Somehow this is the worst place I’ve ever tried to garden in.

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