Still walking

The weather the last few days has been conducive to walking and I'm taking advantage of it. On Thursday I went to the Strip, an area with restaurants, night clubs and many old time food stores. I was looking for poppy seeds, one of the essentials for food for the Jewish holiday of Purim, which occurs tomorrow and Tuesday. I found poppy seeds in two places (usually not so easy to do) and bought what probably constitutes a lifetime supply. Robin used some to make a stuffed challah (with onions and poppy seeds) for Shabat dinner on Friday. Today she will probably make hamantaschen, I hope. While this errand involved some walking it was not enough.

Darcy was full of energy when I got to Robin's to drop off the poppy seeds, so I took her for a long walk. I always seem to need some motivation in order to get going. We walked over to Mellon Park where she sat for a long time watching other dogs playing. Usually she hates other dogs and will bark and snap at them, but she seems to like watching them run around and play. I can't let her off leash; even if she behaved with other dogs she really couldn't run around with them.

Friday I walked over to the Cathedral of Learning at Pitt. That's about 3.5 miles and I was very proud of myself. Yesterday I walked to the Squirrel Hill Theater to see Milk. That was 2.5 miles each way and on both days I still had energy when I got home. It's been raining a little this morning, but I'm thinking about going out soon. Just haven't figured out where to go.

2 thoughts on “Still walking

  1. I’m very impressed with your progress, Ruthe! You didn’t mention any pain in your legs for this and the post tomorrow (?). Hopefully that means you’re gaining muscle strength? I’m now attempting to get back into a habit of daily walking in an effort to maintain strength and muscle tone in my knees. Since I was ill way back in late October and continue to be health-stressed (blood work, iron levels, the two bad Rumatoid flares, etc.) it feels like I haven’t been well since last summer. But I think I’m on the mend. Am able to get back to blogs, etc.

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