Famen Si: What is it?

As I work on my China book some of the questions surface that I never got answered. This amazing structure, surely something from outer space, was visible as we drove to Famen Temple, outside of Xian. I should have asked our Chinese staff, but I had so many questions I forgot this one. Can anyone give me an answer?


5 thoughts on “Famen Si: What is it?

  1. it is a, new model design architecture of Buddha relic, stupa from Famen Si,.
    The design shape to a shape of hand (finger tips) touch each other like praying. in the middle space, the stupa temple was put,there.
    They finally chose this design as simple, natural, and spirit mean, from all about 10 special design model dedicated from Taiwan famous Artist master.
    This building mean for more then 100 years last (Forever), build by all steel structure works.
    The completing ceremony was just celebrated with many Buddhist monks, followers on 8, May 2009, 2days ago.
    I hope within days, there will be many photos available in webs.
    can see more picture at : google inamges, seach by, “法门寺合十舍利塔”,
    even though write in chinese, but can see photos.

  2. It looks like a pair of hands sheltering something very precious, represented in a way that invites honor. Is it a shrine?
    On second or third thought, it could be a nuclear power plant.

  3. Has anyone answered this question yet?
    RYN: I made that bottom picture bigger just for you. You can see the fishing boat turning to pick up his pot, and the horizon seems even farther away. 🙂 We are supposed to be in the 60’s somewhere today, and I the fool am out there in it till about 0830. Swimming.

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