Chicago, China and Japan

I am supposed to go to Chicago next month, and I'm actually thinking about not going. I love going to Chicago; I don't know what's wrong with me. I was planning to drive–the amount of snow on the ground there doesn't please me. I haven't bothered to find a place to stay. I suspect I won't go. I was supposed to meet Renee but she really doesn't need me. I'd love to see her, but…

I started working on my China book. Last year I used a 2 column format with miscellaneous stuff in the second column, like emails or information about the places I visited copied from various websites. I was never entirely happy with the result. I think it's confusing. This time I am putting the the info in a double column at the bottom of the page, in some instances, and just using separate pages where I want to include a lot. I don't know if it will be less confusing, but it's much easier to set up. I haven't done anything with emails or chats, yet. I'm including more pictures than I put in the blog. So far, I've only done the two days I was in Shanghai and I've got 31 pages.

I've also been doing lots of reading about Japanese gardens. I read a couple of these books before I went. They are much more meaningful now. Also, I found a book that explains most of what they do to the trees: Niwaki, by Jake Hobson. That's the best, yet.

I don't know how I'll handle Japan. I may do a separate garden book. Or maybe a book about trees and another about rocks. I got teased about not understanding that rock pictures were about music. In my mind rock pictures are about rocks.
Taizoin-Tenruji: - 14

2 thoughts on “Chicago, China and Japan

  1. When were you thinking of coming? Kathryn and I are going to be at the UC folk fest Sunday evening, Feb. 6, if you’re around then. (Of course, we’ll happily see you whenever you’re in town.)

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