Home in Pittsburgh

I am having a hard time getting back to normal. I not only have to get my body back on Eastern Standard Time, I have to put my apartment back together. My tenants left the same day I was supposed to return. (You can read about my miserable trip home, here.) They cleaned up and left everything in good shape, but I had pulled everything apart and stored all my personal stuff in my second bedroom. Now I am putting it all back in place. Many things are still over at Robin's house. I have been slowly bringing things back. My biggest problem seems to be getting enough sleep. I slept for 12 hours on Thursday night; ten hours last night. It's not even 1 pm and I am ready to get back in bed. When will this end?

I am actually trying very hard not to take naps. Also, I have been doing what ever I can to get back to normal, whatever that is. This morning I went out with my walking group. It was cold but not unpleasant. When I logged on to the computer after my walk the Weatherbug thing said it was 53 F. in Kyoto. More like 31 F. here. But it's been great being with the family, particularly seeing Eli, and I would have missed that had I stayed in Kyoto. Weather isn't everything.

2 thoughts on “Home in Pittsburgh

  1. Welcome home, Ruthe. Your body will slowly get used to the time change, I guess. I know how difficult it feels to try and get back mentally and physically, especially when the change is so drastic. Now I just have to catch up on the rest of the Japan stopover. Glad you’re safe.

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