Photos from the East Coast

When I first moved to Robin's house on August 15, Darcy followed me all evening, slept with me that night and the following morning, after I made the bed, she got in and made herself a nest.

Library - 5792
I don't know what she had in mind but being taken to the dog sitter when we left on Saturday was not it. She's hardly paying any attention to me since I returned from New York.

Pictures from Philadelphia, particularly the Magic Garden on South Street are in a new album on the right. Here are people lining up to get in the door of the Philadelphia Museum of Fine Arts.

Library - 5793
I wrote about it here.

Pictures from Hannah's Bat Mitzvah are in another album to the right.

Here are a few shots from the Henry Moore show at the botanical garden,

Library - 5828
Library - 5837

Library - 5832 that's Renee, my favorite subject,

Falun Gong protesting across the street of the Chinese consulate,

Library - 5845

one from Chinatown–I couldn't resist buying the rambutan–

Library - 5849

and finally a little sunshine inside the Metropolitan Museum. 

Library - 5897

Library - 5900

2 thoughts on “Photos from the East Coast

  1. Ahhh Ruth! The met! Some beautiful light effects in those shots. As for Philadelphia 2008, at first I thought it was too busy and I didn’t like them much, but as I leafed through I began to like them more and more. I have a special affection for colored bottles for some reason. I liked those because they were eye catching; my favorite was #6. Oh the places I go when I peruse your photos. Thanks for the tour.

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