Sarah Palin and the dirty old man

My friend Raja has a wonderful analysis of McCain's pick for vice-president:

I consider him just another dumb-ole-boy with a penchant for beauty
queens. (including Cindy McCain). I know it's supposedly all about
politics, but a 72-year-old man selecting a young woman to achieve his
ambitions- one who perhaps could become the leader of our country–is
an insult to all of us. It's pure pandering–an outgoing, determined
personality with a pretty face–is now qualification for vice president?

You can listen to, and read about, all the expert in-depth political
analysis blanketing the news. Trust me. It's not that complicated.
There is no fool like an old fool.

Of course, there's another take on all of this. Read the top 10 things about Palin here. These things certainly freak me out. But I'm much more concerned about Shelby Steele's assessment of Obama's chances of winning. He asks the most frightening question: "Is America now the kind of society that can allow a black — of
whatever pedigree — to become the most powerful human being on earth,
the commander of the greatest military in history?"

The next question is: will America survive as the country I want to live in if Obama loses?

4 thoughts on “Sarah Palin and the dirty old man

  1. Ha ha ha! I think Raja has something there. I’ll have to show this to Hubby. He’s been going over and over the possible reasons for such a short-sided choice. Personally? I’m pretty sure Raja’s right!

  2. America will survive as a conservative, sticking it’s head in the sand kind of country. Those of us who hope for greater things, will now have to deal with a Nixon kind of mentality at all levels. We will be facing a retreat in all things we care for, and some of us tired folks may have to get out and hold a sign or two again.
    It scares mne to death.

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