Busy week

Finally listed my apartment for sublet on Craig’s List. I spent all week getting it ready: making each room tidy so I could photograph it. Of course, this meant moving stuff from one room to another to get it out of the way. Now I have to make it all neat so my prospects can come and see it.

This is going to require a huge feat of organizing. Everything I will need or want in the next six months has to go to my daughter or to my storage room in the basement. It will be an interesting challenge to see how sparsely I can live for the better part of the next year while I travel.

When I wasn’t working on the apartment I was exercising–still working on those leg exercises in addition to walking and going to the health club. I went back to the mobility clinic. They think I’ve done well in strengthening my hip and butt muscles but still need work on my knees. When I go down stairs I lose control of the last two or three inches of my descent. I am sure they are correct and this is why I had  problems in Japan.

On Wednesday night we went to a concert by Mike Seeger. My family always listened to folk music or classical music: no rock and roll. Chicago has a great folk music scene, thanks to the Old Town School of Folk Music. Even the Beatles didn’t make much impression on us until one of my
husband’s cousins, an Oscar-winning musician, told us the Beatles made
wonderful music. Then we listened and loved them. Going to the Mike Seeger concert was pretty nostalgic. He’s 75, in great shape and gave a great concert.Today we are going to Rootz: the Green City Music Festival. I plan to go early but don’t know how long I’ll stay–too hot today.

3 thoughts on “Busy week

  1. You’ve got spunk, Ruthe! I sure do admire that about you. I knew you were planning to travel some, but didn’t remember anything about six months! You are going to keep in touch via your blogging like you did in Japan, right? I find stationary biking to be helpful, but I’m sure you’re already doing that. Not so stressful as walking. Good luck both with your cleaning and your knee exercises.

  2. PS: only classical at my house with a drop of early 50’s pop until I was given a 45 record player as a kid. Folk, bee bop, show tunes, and early black rock all captivated me. When I met my first husband I was introduced to real rock and roll. At that point I met the beatles and other favorites. Now I am left with only opera out in the cold…for some reason.

  3. Oh, you are being so brave cleaning and organizing. I’m applauding you. Bravo. Are you renting it furnished? Oh, My, Gosh, all that packing. It’ll be worth all the work tho.
    I did well with all but my shin this weekend. My family medico’s tell me I have a shin infection from the fall, and I am just sitting waiting now to see the doc.

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